Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Valentines Day 2002 (Verse interlude)

This love of you and I
No earthly bounds will hold,
If I had godly power
Your countenance I'd mould
In a thousand leaves,
In the sun of dawn and noon,
In the face of my first born son.

We are each others tributary:

And J, this bond between us
Light of my earthly years
Will never rupture, and will remain
If only in the patterns of the earth.


Al and Al said...

New rule: once a month we are allowed to break the haiku format - how does that sound Al? Is that cool?

I wrote this on a park bench and in a toilet at work. The park has been demolished to make way for an arts 'space'.

Nowadays I tend not to compose poetry in toilets. More's the pity!

Al and Al said...


As a lady is fine, not as fine meaning 'ok'.

Do you think toilets are a good place for inspiration?

Al said...

'Toilets' is an anagram of 'Stole it', but I didn't.
May as well stare at a toe slit for inspiration.

Al said...

Then you could write some verse about webbing or sock fluff.